Here is a small selection of the projects and editing work I have been involved in in the past few years.

The Incredible Here and Now- Stage Production

I've recently completed the stage adaptation of my novel The Incredible Here and Now which will premier at The National Theatre of Parramatta in July.

Finishing School

I currently run a collective of western Sydney women writers called Finishing School : For Badass Ladies WritingBrilinat Books. You can find out more about us here:

I currently run a collective of western Sydney women writers called Finishing School : For Badass Ladies WritingBrilinat Books. You can find out more about us here:


I'm on the Board of Directors for this awesome organisation called WestwWords. WestWords engages children and young people in western Sydney by encouraging an appreciation of story and storymaking in a variety of forms and by promoting the understanding of the importance of books in the lives of young people. WestWords is committed to providing an environment where the stories of the communities of western Sydney and the places they come from are celebrated. You can find out more about WestWords at


Studio Stories

The purpose of Studio Stories is to give writers in western Sydney a chance to mingle, hear each other’s work and to learn a few things from writers who are doing great things. It takes place once a month on a Thursday at 6:30 at the Parramatta Artist Studios and the format is basically – a short reading by the featured writers, followed by a short discussion and Q & A around a particular idea, then drinks and nibbles and an open mike. Every event is free and everyone is invited.

For more information take a look at the facebook page:

So You Want to be a Writer?

Download the free ebook here:

‘So You Want to be a Writer?’

Getting your writing career started in western Sydney and beyond.

‘So You Want to be a Writer?’ is a free ebook that was launched as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival Suburban program along with an information panel of the same name. The book is for writers who are just getting started or who may have already begun: It’s for writers who want to know how to submit to a magazine or literary journal and where to find the right one for their work; writers who need strategies for submitting to writing competitions and a list of ones to choose from; writers interested in blogging and online promotional spaces, writers who need advice on applying for fellowships, mentorships and residencies; and writers wanting to find a writing community.

This project was made possible by Parramatta City Council, Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), The University of Western Sydney, Writing and Society Research Centre and The Sydney Writers’ Festival.

On Western Sydney

                                                           Edited by   Michael Mohammed Ahmad and Felicity Castagna

                                                           Edited by Michael Mohammed Ahmad and Felicity Castagna

On Western Sydney is the second and final edition of Westside New Series. It is a collection of stories that span from the sidewalks of Belmore to the streets of Bankstown to the roads across the Great Western Highway. It is a unique and honest depiction of Sydney's infamous western suburbs from the people that live and breathe the region. Discover the places, revel in the absurdity, shy away from the dark side, feel the voice and explore the stories... On Western Sydney.

The Centre of Sydney, SWF 2014

Event Coordinator

Sweatshop Stories, ABC TV Big Ideas Program


Watch the full episode here.

ICE Skating, RN 360 Documentaries